A Message from Management

Dr. Yuichi Tamura / President & CEO of Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical

First and foremost I wish to extend my heartfelt sympathy to those of you and your families directly impacted by COVID-19. I pray for your speedy recovery.

I would also like to express my deepest respect and gratitude to all the healthcare professionals who are making tireless efforts battling every day with pandemic on the frontline to save lives.

July 15th of 2020 marked the 55th anniversary of Nichi-Iko since its foundation in 1965, the company which has been engaged in manufacturing and sales of quality pharmaceutical products of superior economic values for all the people wishing for healthy life.

On this day of an important milestone, the Nichi-Iko Group formulated our new Quality Policy “Our Pledge of Trust and Confidence”. It is not only for me to make this pledge to outside world, but each and every employee of the company brings this value close to the heart, promising to the patients and their families that we are here to serve them and deliver “Trust and Confidence”.

With our Pledge in place, we shall make the earnest efforts to think what each one of us can do to fulfill this promise and relentlessly strive for “the Nichi-Iko Quality” with a strong sense of responsibility and our actions.

We also believe that we have an important role in helping respond to our fight against COVID-19. Over many years we have been accumulating significant clinical data for our products such as FUTHAN® INJ. (Nafamostat Mesilate) as well as DECADRON® TABLET (Dexamethasone). We shall continue to contribute to the containment of pandemic through our efforts for stable supply of these products and clinical supplies for research, and participation in the drug developments.

We are “ONE NICHI-IKO” and as such shall evolve ourselves to be an “all-embracing global generic company”. It would require us to achieve our 8th Mid-Term Plan “NEXUS” and be “Better than the Best”. With our goal of “Going beyond with Infinite Power to Connect”, our efforts to challenge and further drive our business will never end so that we can better serve with compassion the patients suffering from illnesses as well as their families

Mr. Hideki Tomokuni       

I wish COVID-19 to be settled down in Thailand as soon as possible so that everyone in Thailand could go on safe and peaceful life in the “Country of a Thousand Smile”. Nichi-Iko (Thailand), as a pharmaceutical company, and I would like to express deepest respect and gratitude to all the healthcare professionals who are making tireless efforts striving with pandemic every moment on the frontline to save lives.

Nichi-Iko (Thailand) was established in Jan. 2014 as a subsidiary of Nichi-Iko Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., the leading generic pharmaceutical company in Japan, in order to deliver its products, highly qualified in the Japanese market, to patients in Thailand.

Since its establishment, Nichi-Iko (Thailand) has nurtured trusting relationships with medical institutions in Thailand, mainly in cardiovascular field, and they have kindly recognized and utilized Nichi-Iko’s products with great patronage.

We are aiming to provide high quality pharmaceuticals to patients in Thailand promptly, by expanding coverage of therapeutic areas including respiratory and cancer field and also expanding our U.S. launched products to this market, with collective efforts of Nichi-Iko Group.

Having the feeling of “Get close to Patients”, Nichi-Iko (Thailand) would continue serving “Reliable and Safety” pharmaceutical products in order to contribute to quality of life and health of our patients in Thailand in the “Country of a Thousand Smile”.